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Project Office

The key themes of the Project Office of the Syntra West Group are innovation, talent, entrepreneurship and lifelong learning. Together with European and international partners we develop solutions (new concepts, content and methods) for concrete demands of our own or similar organizations and seek for new opportunities.

Innovative idea? Get in touch! Our motivated and experienced team is determined to help you shape your project.



Projects with focus on entrepreneurship, in Belgium and abroad.



Projects with an emphasis on talent and development of competences.



Highly innovative projects, anticipating new trends in education and society.


Lifelong learning

Projects with focus on education and lifelong learning.



"We hire people for their technical skills, but fire them for their social skills"

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TWIN - webinar Wednesday, December 16

Presentation of project outputs (training materials, assessment tool and competence profile) by the TWIN partnership

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TWIN - final event

Information and pictures of the closing event of TWIN

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